Shufersal, established in 1958, is Israel’s largest retail chain, operating 248 stores nationwide, covering a total area of 540,997 square meters, and employing approximately 12,400 employees. Annual revenues in 2010 reached NIS 11.13 billion.

Leadership Strategy - Shufersal's leadership strategy leverages its strengths and competitive advantages which include a logistics system that enables independent supply of products to the company's stores, nationwide deployment in city centers and the periphery, and financial stability.


Shufersal operates five different retail formats throughout Israel.


Shufersal Sheli - "Shufersal Sheli" is a chain of 107 neighborhood stores providing customer shopping needs, while vigilantly maintaining convenience, availability, freshness and service.


Shufersal Deal - "Shufersal Deal" is a chain of 74 discount stores that offers low- priced products throughout the year .


Yesh - "Yesh" is a chain of 54 competitive discount stores addressing different populations by matching the products to the customers, and by offering special kashruth. 


Shufersal Express - "Shufersal Express" is a chain of 13 convenience stores launched in August 2008. The stores are located in neighborhoods and in city centers  and are mostly operated by franchises.


 Shufersal Online (former Shufersal Yashir)- "Shufersal Online" is a service that markets products directly to the customer's home or office, with orders taken via the internet, phone or fax.


"Shufersal" Private Label - Shufersal puts great effort into producing the company's private label to provide customers with a brand that meets high quality standards, is competitively priced and is adapted to Israeli consumer tastes. The brand currently includes about 1,400 products.


Shufersal Loyalty Club - Shufersal's Loyalty Club is the leading loyalty club in Israel with 1.4 million members. Club members enjoy cash coupons, accumulated bonuses, discounts and special offers.


Shufersal Credit Card - As part of the company’s strategic plan, Shufersal - together with Leumi card and Paz, launched the Shufersal credit card in October 2006. The card provides customers with a non-banking credit framework, as well as special offers and benefits. "Yesh" Credit Card for "Yesh" customers has been launched in August 2009 and offers the same benefits.


Distribution Center - Shufersal owns a sophisticated 40,000 sq. meters logistics center in Rishon Lezion in addition to distribution centers in Kfar Vitkin, Ramle, and Kadima.


Income-generating Real Estate Activity - Shufersal engages in income-generating real estate, leasing commercial centers and other properties via several subsidiaries: Shufersal Bailsol Investments Ltd. (50% owned); Merkaz Hakirya (Ashdod 1995) Ltd. (50%); Lev Hamifratz Ltd. (37%).

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